When your little one grows enough to start playing, encourage their natural curiosity with toy and that attracts them more with their sounds, moves and actions which create a new world around them.

Babies start walking sometime between 10 – 12months. So toys like musical shoes, the pull-along toy will encourage them to keep move. Playtime of your kids plays a vital role in increasing their creative thinking capabilities. So before you choose toys for your kids think multiple times what you want to buy?

Looks confusing? Here is our guide. lookout for these factors when choosing the best toys for a one-year-old kid to help encourage their physical, mental, and emotional growth.

Bright Color Toys:

As their vision develops, little ones can distinguish vibrant colours more easily than dull or pastel shades (though they won’t start to name colours until about three years old), so they’re more likely to play with and learn from a bright red fire truck or a set of rainbow stacking cups.

Moving Toys:

Toys that baby can push or pull with a string encourage mobility, which is especially important for one-year-olds who are just getting the hang of walking. Practice makes perfect, and toys that move with them make practice way more fun!

Toys that make Sound:

Encourage their natural curiosity with toys that make noise and mimic the world around them.

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